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Donations to defer the cost of processing and mailing are much appreciated.

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Thank you for your interest in the official Protect Kids of California Act of 2024 petition.
The initiative will:
(1) Repeal the California law that permits biological male students to compete in females' sports and students to be in females' locker rooms and bathrooms;
(2) Prohibit schools from deceiving parents about their student's gender identity crisis and stop them from secretly transitioning a child; and
(3) Stop "gender-affirming" sex change operations and chemical castrations on minors.

But first we need a half a million signatures to get it on the ballot!

In the pdf file below, you'll find eight pages:

       1. This cover sheet, with a clip-and-tape mailing label (below) to make it easy to

           return your signed petition as soon as possible.

       2. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for signing and completing the petition to

           be sure your signature will count.

       3. A flyer with "bullet point" information about the initiative plus links helpful in

           discussing the initiative with friends and family.

       4. The Top Funders Sheet, required by law to be shown to all petition signers.

 5. - 7. The official, legal petition to print and sign (in blue or black ink).   

       8. Contact Transmittal. This is an optional page where we request information where we can contact you on the status of your submission and if there are any issues with the petition.

You can print as many petitions as you'd like, just be sure to securely staple the three pages (pages 5-7) of petition together.

If you have questions, please email:

Before mailing back to us, please check to make sure:

  • Petition signers wrote their residence street address, city and zip code.

  • The Declaration of Circulator is completely filled out and signed.

  • No "white out" or correction tape was used on the petition.

  • The pages of the petition are securely stapled together.

Thank you!

Mail to:

Informed Parents of Silicon Valley
4750 Almaden Expressway
Suite 124-346
San Jose, CA 95118

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