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School librarian privately defends pornographic book on 'sex parties'

The librarian said a book which discusses orgies and

18+ sex apps does not 'encourage unsafe behavior'

This Book Is Gay by James Dawson. (Photo Credit- Su--May) Originally Published: Fox News

An Anchorage, Alaska, district librarian privately defended a pornographic book that was in the district by invoking the Holy Bible as a defense of providing those materials to children, internal emails show.

The Polaris K-12 public school librarian Rachel Gregory discussed the book "This Is Gay" that was previously in circulation in the district and said it was a "slippery slope" to ban it, while comparing it to the Holy Bible in an October 2022 email to the school's principal, Carol Bartholomew. The internal documents were obtained via public record request by a local parent, Jay McDonald, and were reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Bartholomew appeared to solicit talking points and information from the librarian after receiving community pushback about the book.

The book in question discusses engaging "saunas and sex parties," which can pose a higher risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections. However, the librarian maintained in the email that the book does not anywhere "encourage unsafe behavior."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "saunas, sex clubs, or private and public sex parties where intimate, often anonymous sexual contact with multiple partners occurs, may have a higher likelihood of spreading monkeypox."

Gregory told the principal, "I am reading it now - it is graphic and blunt in a cartoony, keep it light way - but there is a tremendous amount of good information… The reading level is 14+ and the author constantly discussing safety, safety, safety. On another note-I have the Bible on the shelf, 12 verses refer to Sodomy and sexual behavior, selling your daughter into slavery.... This is such a slippery slope. Let me know what else you need."

"I fear it will be pulled off the shelves in our ASD libraries," she said.

The book calls porn "fine and fun" and lists a porn star as an "inspiratio[n]."

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