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Dear Parent Group –

I am a middle school teacher in the [Silicon Valley School District redacted].  Your group came by at the beginning of the school year and I thought you were all nuts and out of your mind.


This year though has opened my eyes.  I am retiring after next year but I can still be put on notice if I come out publicly with what’s happening in public education.


Maybe I am old- or old-fashioned, but we have been having training this year about racial oppression aka white people being the oppressors and how what we teach is essentially racist.  My colleagues over at [School redacted] have a trainer who tells them that Dr. Suess is black face and reading across America is racist.


I am not a conservative by any means- but you guys are onto something.  We as teachers can’t say anything!  It will cost our jobs or we will be alienated from our district.


I voted against the Moms of Liberty parent who ran for school board because I went along with the others and thought she was insane.  Now that I am seeing the new generations of teachers it’s scary.  They have all been indoctrinated with this ideology that white people are bad, educators are racist, and that pronouns are the thing.


I am so glad my own kids are grown and not in this district anymore- but I think this is a bigger issue.  You all should be warned that outside of this new ideology student behaviors are really the bigger issue.  Teachers are being physically hit across the district and special education students are being mainstreamed which is law- but we are failing students by allowing violence in schools because we can’t do anything thanks to special education laws.


You all may want to check out inclusion and ask teachers what’s going on in their classrooms if you have any teacher friends.  I understand the ideology that you are against, but public school isn’t as physically safe as it once was outside of this new thinking about race and sexuality.


We had a training Friday and for 7th grade sexual education(.) (W)e weren’t provided a link to the materials so my team and I had to look up the information.  We are going to use Teen Talk and from the district video it sounds like this organization will come on site to teach our students.  Look up Teen Talk- there’s a LOT of controversy with that group.


I just want you to know that we as teachers have no power.  The idea that the teachers union is all powerful is false.  Most of my colleagues would love to resign but they can’t afford to lose their pensions, or can’t afford to not teach since this is what most of us know.  I have a side business so I am opting out after next year.


More than 80% of teachers wouldn’t even put their own kids in public school.  We have a teacher in the district who resigned AND pulled her kids out of our school district due to lack of quality teachers and simply the behaviors are through the roof.


I thought you were the enemy- but we are scared.  We will lose our jobs, maybe get black balled in the county, or ostracized by our peers who do believe in this stuff.  Most of us are just trying to teach every day without having to evacuate our classrooms and not get physically hit by students.  Just having a conversation with regular teachers you would learn that we aren’t in control and we don’t fully know what’s going on.


I don’t know if your propaganda is that accurate- but there are educators out here who don’t align with the new age of being and we will lose our livelihoods if we come forward.  I will literally have consequences if my district found out I am sharing this information with you- but there are a few of us who behind the scenes would like parents to know more of what’s going on but we can’t jeopardize our careers.  I can only imagine what San Jose Unified or East Side is promoting since we still have a rather large conservative group of parents within our school district which I am thankful for because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.


Once I am fully retired I would be willing to speak to you directly so long as I can be anonymous so as to not put my colleagues in a bad position as they aren’t all ready or able to retire yet.  I will also ask my peers if they are willing to discreetly share anything that they find out of touch with educational needs.  Our district does NOT fall into the various categories that your group claims to announce- but there still is some questionable stuff going around and it’s time for me and those of us who’ve been around a while to get out.



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