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Conservative group bombards San Jose school board meeting

Source: San Jose Spotlight

by Lorraine Gabbert

SEPTEMBER 28, 2023

Supporters of a censured Franklin-McKinley School District trustee showed up in force at a

recent board meeting, but some say they are outsiders pushing an agenda.

Informed Parents of Silicon Valley members spoke out at Tuesday night’s school board meeting, following Trustee Marc Cooper’s colleagues asking him to denounce the organization and resign earlier this month. The board said Cooper misrepresented its curriculum and violated bylaws, as well as the state education code. Cooper threatened to sue the board for defamation.

Cooper did not respond to a request for comment.

Board President Rudy Rodriguez told San José Spotlight the meeting went as expected based on the track record of those speaking for organizations like Informed Parents of Silicon Valley (IPSV) and Values Advocacy Council. These groups believe that parents not schools ar responsible for sex education. They do not believe in critical race theory and want parents to have say over their children’s reading materials.


Margaret Wysocki, president of United Teachers of Santa Clara, said outside organizations are attacking public education.

“Do not be fooled by their rhetoric,” she said. “Stand up for your families. Stand up for your

students. Stand up for public education, where we educate the whole child.”

But others like Terese Mansfield defended Cooper, emphasizing his focus on parental rights

and helping families understand what was being taught in the classroom. Mansfield

questioned the integrity of the trustees.

“Are you on the board because you want to put a rift between parents and their children?” she said. “That’s what you’re doing by censuring Marc. You are dividing parents from their children. He was duly elected by parents who want to know ... things against their values, things they think are harming their children.”


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