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Boston’s Massacre of ‘Child Gender Care’ Sparks National Outcry

originally posted: August 17, 2022
Author: Susan Bowdey

It was just a routine checkup, they thought. But when the couple sat down in the doctor’s office, they were stunned at what the pediatrician asked their three-year-old son. “… [T]he doctor comes in, and he sees my son sitting there at the table,” the dad posted on TikTok, “and the first question that he asks him is, ‘Are you a boy or are you a girl?’” The chart clearly says the child is a boy, and his parents were relieved to hear him affirm it. But the dad was rattled — and as far as he’s concerned, every other parent should be too.

“The rest of the appointment, I couldn’t even focus,” he explained on the video, “because I’m wondering why in the world this guy is asking the question. And then I remembered, ‘Oh yeah, I live in California.’” In Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D) state, three is plenty old enough for a child to decide their gender, medical professionals like Diane Ehrensaft insist. In fact, she brags, her San Francisco-based Benioff Children’s Hospital sees “children as young as two.”

That seems to echo the lunacy radiating out of the Boston Children’s Hospital, where one doctor is under fire for telling reporters that their Gender Center is “slightly flexible” when it comes to the age of genital mutilation. Dr. Oren Ganor is no stranger to controversy, having lobbied to make the hospital the first in the country to offer phalloplasty to minors. If that term is foreign to you, the hospital produced a series of cheerful, upbeat videos about the joys of a young girl’s hysterectomy. Unfortunately, no one can watch them, since — in the throes of this national controversy — the hospital conveniently deleted them.

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