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Protect Your Children from Indoctrination!!

Opt your child Out of harmful teaching in school!!

California State Law allows you to remove your child from classroom subjects in which YOU don’t wish your child to participate.

The IPSV sponsored OPT-OUT Notice will help you regain your parental rights,
retain parental control, and parental sovereignty over the education and raising of your child. It puts the school district on notice that they are to follow your instructions regarding the role of the school in your child’s life.

The IPSV OPT-OUT Notice specifically informs the district that your child will be exempted for the current school year from the following school instruction, programs, and/or activities:

  1. Attending or participating in any class, instruction or activity related to comprehensive sexual education and HIV/AIDS prevention.

  2. Participating in any anonymous, voluntary, and confidential test, questionnaire, or survey on pupil health behaviors and risks.

  3. Sitting for the parts of the statewide performance assessments administered by the district as follows:​​

    • English Language Arts/Literacy​

    • Mathematics

    • Science

  4. The administration of any questionnaire, survey, examination, or evaluation containing any questions or items relative to my child, or my personal beliefs of practices in sex, family life, morality, or religion.

  5. The administration of any examination or assessment as part of a statewide pupil assessment program relative to my child, or my personal beliefs or practices in sex, family life, morality or religion, or any question designed to evaluate personal behavioral characteristics, including, but not limited to, honesty, integrity, sociability, or self-esteem.

TO OPT your child OUT

Follow these steps:​

  1. Fill out all the blank sections below giving us the identifying information we need to complete the Notice and prepare a properly worded Notice to your child’s school and school district.

  2. Every blank must be filled in to have a binding Notice.  The software will not complete or submit the Notice unless each blank is fully filled out.  (Including your signature using the signature device in the software.)

  3. Upon completion of the following page, the Notice will be completed and sent to the Principal of your child’s school as well as the Superintendent of the school district.

  4. You will receive an email copy and a copy will be archived by IPSV.


   * This OPT-OUT Notice must be executed each school year to maintain

      your child’s OPT-OUT status and protection from the above.

 ** IPSV will facilitate the execution necessary to keep this OPT-OUT Notice in


Opt-Out Notice Form

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