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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Host a Home Meeting

You Can Make a Difference Today!

You can help remove Critical Race Theory and Comprehensive Sexuality Education from all public schools in Santa Clara County!  

  1. Signup below to host a home meeting.

  2. IP-SV will contact you with a link to our 45 minute online meeting, complete with videos, FAQ and more to mobilize parents who want to make a difference for our children.

  3. Signup parents for our newsletter.

  4. Take steps to ensure CRT and CSE are never implemented again.

Welcome parents from your school

IP-SV  will walk you through every step needed to host a home meeting easily and within 45 minutes!

Understand what your children are learning

Our online videos and FAQ will inform parents of the CRT and CSE subject matter being taught in your school.

Get involved and make a difference

We will provide you with school board contact information, resources, pre-written letters, calls to action, and more to get involved and make a difference for your child.

steps for a better future

We will show what you can do right now to ensure CRT and CSE stay out of our schools now and in the future.

Host a meeting
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