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Informed Parents of Silicon Valley

A nonprofit 501(c)(3)

About Us
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About Us

Informed Parents of Silicon Valley is a grassroots, nonprofit organization created by community leaders in California.  Team members include parents, grandparents, former elected officials, teachers, business and neighborhood leaders.  We are focused on a family values based, child centered curriculum.

The three R’s seem to be ignored in California public schools.  Only 68.7% of students tested at Met or Exceed Standard on the State English/Language Arts test and just 61.1% tested at Met or Exceed Standard in Math. That’s a “D” in ELA and almost an “F” in Math! How are we preparing our children to face life in the 21st century?

We humbly and respectfully speak truth to power.  We stand unwaveringly for Parent's Rights & Parental Control, and Transparency between the school and parents, and an Increase in Test Score Performance.

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For Our Children

Our children are the victims of a widespread campaign to fundamentally change our society and reset the moral values that have guided our country since its founding.  


Parents are increasingly becoming alarmed and angry at what their children are taught…or not our public schools.


And yet, in Silicon Valley, we have increased the amount spent per student per year from $16,991* in 2018 to $23,791* per student in 2023. Obviously, with test scores declining and spending per student increasing, the system is failing our parents and students. (*numbers come from:

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Will your family reclaim their role in their Child's life?

You are the parents. You have not only the right but the responsibility to parent your child. Educators and teachers have a support role to parents and family. In many school districts, administrators and teachers are usurping the parental role in the child’s life, without the parent’s knowledge and permission.

Whose values do you wish your child to be taught?

Yours or a teacher’s / educator’s?

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What Our Children are Learning in School

Isn't it time you take control?

Informed Parents strongly recommends  that you home school your child. If that  won’t work for you and your family, consider a private school teaching a classical education.

If that alternative is not feasible, Opt your child out of any tests, surveys, counseling,
and/or evaluation relative to your child and your family’s personal behavior regarding
sex, family life, nationality or religion and beliefs including honesty, integrity, sociability or self-esteem.

Click on the link to the OPT OUT Form. You will be able to protect your child and reclaim your proper role in your child’s education.

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CRT is being disguised as DEI, SEL, or Equity Instruction. No matter the label, it teaches equality of outcome—the mantra of a socialist society; not equal opportunity, the foundation of democracy and capitalism.  CRT teaches that white skinned people are the oppressors and dark skinned people are the oppressed.

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CSE teaches gender blending as young as six or seven to practical exercises at nine to eleven on how to put a condom on a banana.  Sex education is a parent’s responsibility.

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Can you help today?

We are a grassroots, non-profit created by concerned parents, grandparents, and community leaders.  We need your help.  Will you support our efforts today with a tax deductible contribution?


"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

- Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Contact Information

4750 Almaden Expressway

Suite 124-346

San Jose, CA 95118

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